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Why and when should you take your daughter for her first gynaecological exam?

As girls enter the teenage, it is important to make them educated regarding the hormonal and physical changes in their body. Any girl’s first visit to the Gynaecologist should be in between thirteen and fifteen.

When a girl reaches her puberty she gets the menstrual cycle. The idea behind visiting a gynaecologist is to make the girl aware of the correct information regarding the menstrual cycle and physical changes associated with it. You can make your daughter feel comfortable by taking her to gynaecologist and addressing her questions, misconceptions, and fears. This will make her more comfortable.

What is the importance of the first visit to Gynaecologist?

When your daughter starts getting her periods, she must be going through various states of mind such as embarrassment, fear, and nervousness. Before taking her to the gynaecologist, it is important to explain to her why it is important to visit the gynaecologist to make her more comfortable during her first gynaecological examination.

What to expect from your first visit to gynaecologist?

Your gynaecologist will first do the physical examination to ensure that all things are normal with respect to menstrual cycle and physical changes. Once the physical exam is done, she will provide you with all the essential information and your and your daughter’s concerns regarding sexuality, menstruation, sex and other changes occurring inside her body.

The Gynaecologist will also brief about different aspects and phases of woman’s life. Gynaecologist will also talk about prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Gynaecologist will also inform you about the healthy lifestyle practices to manage issues like the pain associated with menstruation, irregular periods and other reproductive problems.

Share your medical history with your gynaecologist

You and your daughter should be prepared to answer some general questions that the gynaecologist will ask you during your first visit regarding reproductive and medical history. For example:

When was the date of your last period?

Are you experiencing any problems with menstruation like pain or heavy bleeding?

Have you ever been sexually active or used any contraceptive or STD protection?

Do you have any worrisome itching, inflammation, sores, discharge or discomfort in or around the vagina?

Choosing your gynaecologist

You can choose your gynaecologist as per your convenience. Dr. Sarah Hussain, London gynaecologist, is one of the most experienced gynaecologist in London and is a specialist in urogynaecology and other gynaecological services.