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What does the colour of your period blood say about your health

What Does Colour of your Period say About your Health Condition

For most utmost women, menstruation starts between ages 12 and 15. In general, women tend to have periods for every 21-35 days. Periods have become part of the menstrual cycle where we bleed from our vagina for 3 to 5 days typically. At some of the point in every women’s life, there will be probably declared that your period is in the actual worst stage. 

In this blog, we will discuss on the colour of the blood during menstruation that says the health condition. What if when your blood is not red? If the blood is pink, black, brown, are you freaking out? Here are the listed colours of blood which mean the health condition.

What if your period blood is grey?

As per MedicalNewsToday, Grey colour blood discharge is a sign of bacterial vaginosis infection which befalls due to an irregularity in helpful and unhelpful bacteria in the vagina. Some symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are: 

  • Pain and burning during urination
  • Fishy vaginal odour 
  • Itching in and around the vagina

What if your period blood is Orange?

 Orange period blood is a sign of period blood mixed with cervical fluids says Healthline. Bright orange menstrual blood can also be an indication of an infection which is an early sign. If it is a vaginal infection, the blood colour will change that smell little funky. The infection may be from bacterial or sexually transmitted infections. 

What if your period blood is Black?

Black blood during your periods is just because of blood that has been for a long time in your body. Cosmopolitan says that the black blood is usually seen at the end of the periods. Some women may tend to see black blood at the very beginning of their periods when the wall of your uterus is beginning to burst down. If you use the hormonal birth pills, you might experience dark spotting mid-cycle due to a thinner uterine lining.

What if your period blood is bright red?

Bright blood says healthy and regular periods which means that everything is working perfectly. It also means that the blood is fresh and flowing quickly, which is good news. 

What if your period blood is pink?

If your period blood is pink in colour at the beginning or the end of your period, especially if you are spotting. This punk blood is due to the blood id mixed with your cervical fluid, creating a lighter shade. Pink blood may also be the indication of the low level of estrogen, especially if it is accompanied by lighter than usual flow or if you work out a lot. Studies also say that a lot of exercises can lower estrogen levels which can be messed with your periods. It is ubiquitous for female athletes to stop ovulating. 

What if your period blood is Whitish pink?

Whiteish pink period blood is not a good sign as it is the symptom of anaemia. If you are experiencing lighter white periods than regular periods, then it is advisable to consultant private gynaecologist. 


The blood colours mentioned above colours are usually nothing to concern, however, if you are worried about the colour of period blood, smell changes, cycle length or pains be sure to have a check-up with your private consultant gynaecologist to make sure everything is well and good. 

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