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Private Consultant Gynaecologist in London

Well Women Check Ups at Private Consultant Gynaecologist in London

Maintaining regular health checkup with your private consultant gynaecologist is a good thing to consider for every woman to have a better life. Many women will have an annual health check with their consultant gynaecologist as the role of their disease prevention strategy. Mrs. Sarah Hussain is one of the top leading private consultant gynaecologists in London has 32 years of experience in dealing with gynecology issues. Visit our Consultant Gynaecologist at London to discuss various problems related to women health such as:

  • Pelvic floor disorders 
  • Urinary/fecal incontinence
  • Uterine and Vaginal Prolapse
  • Vaginoplasty
  • Painful Bladder syndrome
  • Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding
  • Post-Menopausal Bleeding
  • Menstrual Disorders
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Ectopic 
  • HRT and menopause
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Premenstrual Tension
  • Vaginal Discharge

Mrs. Sarah Hussain will provide you with the best suggestions about the three primary cancers in Women such as Cervix, Ovary, and Breast. During the consultation, she will take a detailed record and may also take cervical smears, arrange blood tests, perform ultrasound scans, and Mammograms. She may also suggest that women undergo bone density scanning to check for osteoporosis.

  • Smear test
  • Full blood count
  • Pituitary function
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Bone density
  • Kidney and liver function tests
  • PCO profile
  • Hormone Profile

Once the private gynaecologist has completed the physical examination, there will be a final opportunity to discuss with your consultant private gynaecologist for any other additional questions or concerns you may have. Your private gynaecologist is an honest and trustworthy source of information. So do not be embarrassed to ask any topics relating to your gynic health. Mrs. Sarah Hussain will abide by strict confidentiality agreements. She maintains strict privacy for the information you share with her. Regular visits to the gynaecologist are vital to ensure and maintain optimal women health.

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