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Vaginismus its symptoms and treatment 2

Vaginismus- its symptoms and treatment

Vaginismus is a gynae condition when the muscles in the vagina contracts and harden or tighten instinctively in response to sexual intercourse, gynaecological examination or insertion of a tampon. The compressing or closing of the vagina is completely unintended, and it is like the intuitive of the eye shutting when something comes close to it. It is a difficult situation for the women and their sexual partners as it may lead to stress and anxiety during intercourse or gynaecological examination.

Symptoms of Vaginismus

Some of the symptoms of vaginismus are  as follows:

  • Painful experience during sexual intercourse due to the contraction of the muscles in the vagina.
  • Loss of sexual longing if penetration is attempted.
  • Pricking sensation during insertion of tampon, or during intercourse.
  • Panic of  pain
  • In a few cases, women are comfortable to insert a 
  • and go through the gynaecological examination, but intercourse becomes a difficult situation for them.
  • Few women would try to have intercourse with their sexual partner, but it would be painful for them.

Treatment for the Vaginismus

The treatment for the vaginismus are as follows:

Sex therapy: The patient is undertaken through a psychological therapy where dynamic analysis, counselling or CBT may be implemented.

Surgery: In some cases, the patient needs to undergo an anaesthetic surgery where there is a removal of a small amount of underlying tissue within the vagina that blocks the penetration.

Vaginal trainers: The vaginal trainers guide the patients to have small cylindrical shaped objects to be inserted into the vagina at the patients comfort at their home. This treatment may take longer time even months and is recommended for the patients to go at their own pace.

Pelvic floor exercise: The pelvic floor exercise is even recommended by the vaginal trainers where sometimes a biofeedback machine is used by the gynaecologists to identify when the contraction happens if the patient is unable to express the feeling so that she can master the feeling of contraction

If you are facing any of the symptoms mentioned above, do not hesitate and seek to confer with a professional gynecologist. You can consult with Mrs. Sarah Hussain, the leading female gynecologist in London. Request a call for treatment.