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Vaginal issues you should ignore

Tips for Vaginal Health For Celebrities – You Should Ignore

Everyone always tries to pint celebrities for everything in their life like their style, beauty products, the way of living everything that appears to general people. But no one knows that even celebrities have some health issues mainly regarding their vaginal health. For everyone maintaining good health is a good thing to hear, yet this applies to celebrities. The fact is that celebrities try to stay away from advice from private gynaecologists. To win the controversy over some of their fans, celebrities avoid maintaining vaginal health. Some times the vaginal tips are just myths, which may mislead and cause more harm than good.

Best Vagina Advice

The vagina is an incredible organ, and there are few things that you should ever enter a vagina. A vagina is an internal organ that exposes to outside dirt, but it has a brilliant ecosystem that ensures it self-cleans and also protect itself from harm. The vagina is lined with a mucous membrane and has a crowd of mixed healthy bacteria to protect itself against bacteria or infection. Applying oil, coating it in sugar, douching, or streaming all this may cause harm to the vagina. A healthy vagina is the one that must be left alone. 

Many of the women report their concerns about the smell of their vagina – particularly when menstruating, private gynaecologist says that getting odour is a normal thing as it changes at different stages of your menstrual cycle. It may be taken into concern when you get unusual smells then you should visit your private gynaecologist. 

Never cover your vagina with a whiffy scent with perfume as it won’t solve your issue. It may cause some trouble to your vagina’s delicate flora. 

Vagina tips that I should ignore

  • Douching: This is the worst thought ever; the vagina is a PH balanced to perfection, applying anything there may imbalance this perfection. To stave off vagina issues, there is no need to use scented soaps, glitter bombs or mugwort steam, etc. 
  • Decoration: It’s a bad idea to have a decoration for your vagina. Decorating vagina means cause dangerous bacteria to your vagina. 
  • Moisturizing: Applying moisturizer to your vagina is not that much necessary thing to do as you age and approach menopause that areas can be more prone to dryness. So, it is not required to have moisture, or you can use a paraben-free of vitamin E moisturizer on your skin.
  • Getting wax: It’s not a good idea to have wax down there, as it is preferable to have something there. The pubic hair keeps the area moisturized and protects from harmful bacteria and viruses.

So if you want an excellent vaginal wash it just with water or a paraben-free PH balanced body wash and leave the extreme vagina grooming well alone.

When it comes to looking after your vaginal health, Mrs. Sarah Hussain will help you out the issues. To book in for a consultation with a private consultant gynaecologist call on 0207 616 7693. Or visit our website.