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thrush symptoms causes and treatment

Thrush: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Women sometimes ignore a few issues related to gynae, which they wouldn’t find it to be serious, but if ignored might lead to serious problems. One such condition is Thrush which is basically a yeast infection, which can even affect men and babies. It is not a serious problem but if left untreated might be uncomfortable and might repeatedly turn back. It can be mainly present in genital areas or in the mouth as oral thrush.

Symptoms of  Thrush:

  1. Vaginal discharge, white in color mostly looks like cottage cheese but doesn’t smell.
  2. Uneasiness due to itching and irritation around the vaginal area.
  3. A sensation of picking and soreness during sex or during urinating.

Symptoms of Oral Thrush:

  1. Slit at the corners of the mouth
  2. Tasting ability is lost due to sore tongue or gums.
  3. Finding difficulty in eating and drinking
  4. A sense of bad taste within the mouth

Thrush can even be found over other parts of the body such as the groin areas, armpits, and in between the fingers.

Causes of Thrush

Although it isn’t classified under sexually transmitted infection, thrush still gets transmitted through sexual contact. Moist, warm areas favor the growth of thrush and it can also develop due to obstruction in the balance of bacteria.

Following are the conditions that lead to thrush

  1. Low immune system
  2. Your skin has a blemish or damaged
  3. You have diabetes that isn’t properly diagnosed.
  4. Intake of antibiotics, as they can kill both healthy as well as disease-causing bacteria
  5. Consuming oral contraceptives
  6. Pregnancy

Treatment for Thrush

  1. The treatment for oral thrush can be treated using a mouth gel, which lasts a week
  2. After the medication or gradual use of gel or cream for a week, there affected areas by thrush should be recovered.
  3. The basic treatment to treat thrush is to make use of antifungal medicine, which can be an oral medicine, tablet to be inserted into the vagina or cream to soothe the condition.

The condition and symptoms may look less risky but if avoided may lead to serious condition. And if thrush is found to occur repeatedly, you need to immediately consult your gynecologist for the treatment.

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