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Things that Mess your Menstrual Period

Things that Mess your Menstrual Period

Women at some point of time, undergo unpredictable periods in terms of arrival dates. Even sometimes, women may notice a change in the flow. And you might not be aware of the daily things that you are dong may mess or affect your menstrual cycle. Here in the article, we will discuss the routine activities that mess up your regular menstrual cycle.

Routine activities that affect your menstrual cycle

Working Irregular hours: If you are a woman working in shift basis or you work at irregular hours as you deal with different time zones, be aware that your menstrual cycle may affect. Many surveys say that women who work at irregular hours are more likely to have menstrual cycles have less than 21 days or more than 40 days. Due to irregular working hours, your circadian body rhythm, which controls a lot of functions in your body, including your menstrual periods. 

Your friend’s cycle: It could be surprising. You could recognise it slowly, but for sure you will get your periods almost the same time as your sister, flatmate, or best friend. It’s not a myth that your period is getting affected by other women’s cycles, especially for those in close to you, which is known as menstrual synchrony and pheromones are the reasons for it happen.

Immense Stress: When you are facing tremendous stress, then you might have unpredictable periods. This is due to your body’s normal response to a high level of stress which eventually shuts down the production of hormones that need to ovulate. It happens only in periods of extreme importance.

Frequent travelling: Frequent travelling does mean going out holiday twice a year. Here it is flying between time zones very frequently. If it is part of your job schedule, then your period might be suffering too in which melatonin produced by your body that gets out of whack when you are switching between daylight and night time very irregularly. 

Being overweight: Having weight or fat cells in your body that results in higher levels of oestrogen, which stops the process of ovulation. So the women with obese have heavy infrequent and long-lasting periods. Having raised oestrogen levels for a long period increases your risk of endometrial cancer due to this endometrial lining still continues to get thicker. So it advisable to lose weight or speke to your private gynaecologist who will provide treatment for endometrial lining thinner.

Exercising rigorously: Even with excessive exercise, your periods can either stop or may lead to getting lighter. And so your body requires a certain amount of fat to ovulate so if you have very low body fat due to excessive exercising. Skipping period for a one month or two might be fine, but if you lag for three months without getting a period, it’s time to see your consultant gynaecologist. 

Not enough sleep: Without a proper sleep will also affect your menstrual cycle, which eventually affects your ovulation and also your menstrual cycle. Even the melatonin levels also affect that has a part in regulating your menstrual cycle.

Being on medication: Depending on the medication for everything is a good habit which may affect your menstrual cycle. Some medications such as steroids, antidepressants, blood pressure pills and also allergy medicines. This means your body is addicted to medicines. This may lead to stoppage of periods. At this time you should book an appointment with your private consultant gynaecologist. 

If you find any of these cases mentioned above, then it is advisable to meet your private consultant gynaecologist. 

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