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I wanted to write and tell you what a fantastic experience I had with Mrs. Sarah Hussain. After having an initial appointment where Mrs. Sarah Hussain reassured me that she could help with the issues I was having and have had for many years, I had surgery and follow up appointments. I found Mrs. Hussain to be very thorough, kind and informative. I could not fault her care either at the hospital or her support by email. I would highly recommend Mrs. Sarah Hussain to anyone who might need – she has positively changed my life and I am so very grateful.
Please let me know if you wish to have any further information.

Recently I was referred to Mrs. Sarah Hussain as I had been diagnosed as having a stage 3 prolapse by my GP Dr. Sood from Newbury Park Practice.
Fortunately, my Husband’s company provide Health Insurance with vitality so I was able to cover the cost of the treatment with their help. This enabled me to have the required procedure undertaken quite quickly, indeed I believe from diagnosis to treatment was approximately one month.
I requested that the procedure should be carried out at the Holly as I had some investigations undertaken there before and I liked the atmosphere and ethos of both the hospital itself and the health care professionals that I came in contact with.
Mrs. Sarah Hussain was very professional yet compassionate in all her interactions with both myself and my husband; trying to allay our fears about the procedure at every opportunity. Consequently, I felt assured that she would use her skills and knowledge to remedy my complaint.
The nurses during the overnight stay were very kind and friendly. Indeed one-night nurse bought a bar of chocolate for me as no gluten free biscuits could be found!
Overall I have been very happy with all aspects of this treatment and would tell my friends and colleagues that both Mrs Hussain and the Holly provide excellent healthcare.

I am writing to commend to you, Mrs Sarah Hussain. I was admitted into The London Clinic on5th September for a hysterectomy (TAH) performed by Mrs. Sarah Husaain. I was discharged on 8th September. From the first consultation through the surgery and then follow-up consultation, Mrs. Sarah Hussain’s care and expertise have been exemplary.
She took great care to explain the operation to me and thanks to her caring manner and surgical skill I have made a smooth recovery and consider myself extremely fortunate to have been treated by such an excellent consultant.
I would also like to add that all the nursing staff was unfailingly dedicated and kind in their care. Nothing was too much trouble and they were at all times kind, courteous and compassionate.
Once again, the care I received at the clinic was a second to none. I am extremely grateful to Mrs. Sarah Hussain, to all the theatre, nursing, catering, and housekeeping staff and wish you all well.

Before 2017 comes to an end, I wish to thank you ever so sincerely for being there for me at the most challenging & vulnerable moments in my life.
You made every concession and exception for me, although it was not ever your patient, including arrangements to do surgery in a hospital where you no longer operate. Your cultural sensitivity, empathy, and wisdom communicated all the important messages I needed to hear and helped me to heal emotionally in the months that followed.
There are no words to thank you doctor and I wish you and your family and loved ones a wonderful 2018 with Love, Laughter, Prosperity and most of all good health, which is priceless and you as a doctor and healer would know.
I Love You and hold you with Love, Respect, and Admiration in my heart, mind, and soul. You were my Mum when she couldn’t be there for me even with your warm hug.
No words to Thank You

I recently had surgery at the Holly under the care of Mrs. Sarah Hussain. From my first consultation to my last, Mrs.Sarah Hussain has been wonderful. She explained everything clearly and concisely, she was to the point but without being blunt. I felt very confident in her abilities, and I felt she really cared about my well being. She came to see me after my surgery, twice over the course of my stay, which I really appreciated. It’s nice to meet a medical professional that has retained their empathy, and their ability to communicate in a relaxed and friendly manner.

Dear Mrs.Sarah Hussain and all the staff at Holly.
I would like to thank you all for looking after me during and after my operation

Dear Dr.Sarah Hussain,
Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me & for the successful surgery & advice. We are ever so grateful love.

Mrs.Sarah Hussain Remembering your Kindness with warmth and gratitude. Thank you most sincerely for looking after me so well.

This is taken of my thanks for helping in my journey to become a mum. I am now 22 weeks and having a girl and would not be in this situation without your help.

My name is miss songul Ahmet and I am a patient of Dr. Sarah Hussain. On the 1st of December 2017 I had a laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy done with Dr. Sarah Hussain via the surgery was done because I have been suffering a lot of pain and I am very lucky and grateful to have a doctor like Dr. Sarah Hussain. Dr. Hussain was kind and explained every detail of the procedure, she answered all my questions. I am very thankful to her, she truly is amazing. After my procedure, I was taken care really well and after a few weeks, my scars healed. I then saw her after a few weeks and she explained with more detail of what had been done in the surgery. Dr. Hussain treated me like a human being, she has mercy and I trust her and I am so thankful to have her as my doctor. I truly don’t know how else I can explain my deep feelings, via she has a big heart. I don’t know how else to describe her and how many times I can thank her for helping me.

Dear David,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with some feedback about Mrs.Sarah Hussain. I recently had a total abdominal hysterectomy for fibroids performed by Mrs.Sarah Hussain and am recovering very well thanks to her excellent expertise and care. Right from the first consultation 4 months ago I was provided with professional and open advice about my options by and I am so glad that I choose Mrs.Sarah Hussain as my consultant. No questions was too much and for that I am very grateful and it went a long way towards making me feel reassured and mentally prepared for the operation. I was quite apprehensive about having such a major operation but Mrs. Sarah Hussain was so supportive and allayed both my family’s and my fear. She even drew me diagrams to help me understand my case better which I truly appreciated. The operation itself turned out to be more complicated than expected and it’s a testament to Mrs Hussain’s skills as a surgeon that it all went so smoothly. I have recovered remarkably well without any problems at all. Both the care that I received from Mrs.Sarah Hussain and the staff at Holly House hospital was exceptional. I would happily recommend her and the hospital to other patients.

Thank you,

Kind Regards

Mrs Ramasubramanian

For the Kind Attention of Mrs. Sarah Hussain

Ref: Your letter to my GP dated 21st March 2017; 1361/16 – Mrs Agostina Boland DOB 19-07-65

I just wanted to let you know that you have indeed changed my life!

I cannot thank you enough for your time and medical attention, given to me when I attended your Clinic at Holly House on the 17th March. I am doing extremely well on my new patches so much so that I am reluctant to even remove the old before replacing it with the new! I have again enjoyed so many things I enjoyed doing a few years back which I put to one side simply because if the menopause symptoms I was suffering sich as the odd massage, and a holiday in the sun both I couldn’t consider with the hot flushes and sweats it was so nice to start to enjoy those times again. Not to mention my focus at home and at work, I have truly felt re-energized. It’s been incredible.

My quality of life has improved considerably not just for me but for those close to me too both at home and at work so I thank you for this.

Whist writing I wanted to let you know that recently my P altered one of my medications for my high blood pressure although I had been taken on for many years I started to suddenly suffer from swollen ankles and feet so that medication is Candesartan 8mg and Indapamide 2.5mg I trust this does not have to change the medication I am now taking to help me with my menopause.

I too was a little unhappy with my blood pressure home readings and has been on medication for my hypertension following pre-Eclampsia with both Children I have an appointment for Friday 9th June at 1.30 pm.

Again thank you, and a Happy Easter

Kind Regards
Tina Boland


I was referred to Mrs. Hussain last year by my GP, Dr G Cave of the Ridgeway Surgery Chingford for gynaecological problems.

From my very first appointment with Mrs Hussain, I found her very personable with a very pragmatic approach to my issues, which helped dispel some apprehension I had about having another operation (I have had 2 caesarean births and a myomectomy). After my surgery I was expecting to feel as ill as my other previous surgeries, however, I did not experience any of the “ill feeling” after this operation, and my recovery after the operation was remarkable even by the 2nd day. This I would like to attribute to Mrs Hussain personally and the excellent after-care of the hospital staff. After my discharge from Holly House, my excellent recovery continued with no problems at all. My incision has healed better than previous operations and is barely visible.

I am extremely pleased with the care I received from Mrs Hussain at Holly House, I will readily and unreservedly recommend her and the hospital without any hesitation. I am happy for you to use my feedback on any publication in the recommendation of her and the hospital.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Elizabeth Appiah

Mrs. Sarah is a good listener, easy to listen to, and discussed my case and surgery using clear diagrams and simplified medical terminology. The surgical procedure caused no pre-operative anxiety as I had been well prepared in advance by her. There is a warm feeling of being Sarah’s special patient when you are in her company…

She has a very warm, caring personality and made me feel very comfortable. I would like to express my thanks for her professionalism, understanding and the top class treatment I was given.

I was extremely impressed with not only the treatment and advice I received but her caring and approachable manner…I would have no hesitation in recommending Sarah to other patients.