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Effects of stress on women's health

Stress Effects On Women’s Health

There is much difference that men and women react to stress. Even there are many discrepancies in how stress impacts women’s health compared to men. Studies found that due to stress, one in seven people can have a mental health issue mostly in women. When reacting to stressors, the body will release hormones such as cortisol known to impact the immune system, digestive system, skin and more. Even this cortisol causes a temporary increase in energy production, sometimes at the cost of other bodily processes not required for immediate survival such as the immune system and digestion system. In women, these hormones changes impact bodily processes in unique ways that lead to short and long-term health problems. Let’s have a look at some of the effects of stress on Women

Effects of stress on Women

  • Irregular Periods: Stresses like acute and chronic can lead to body hormone balance that can cause a miss or late or irregular periods. Researchers have told that about 50% of women have a higher risk than women who don’t work in higher stress positions.  
  • Gain Weight: High-stress levels are interrelated with increased appetite and sugar cravings, leads to weight gain. In women, the cortisol ratio is like higher the cortisol to a lower waist to hip ratio and also decreased metabolism. 
  • Problems getting pregnant: With higher levels of stress, there is a high chance to have issues getting pregnant in women than with lower levels of stress. 
  •  Depression: Even women were almost as likely as men to have symptoms of depression. Researches have differentiated the stress responses and stress reactivity between sexes to brief this discrepancy. 
  • Decreased Sex drive: Women with more stress may take longer to get stimulate and have low sex drive than women with little pressure. 
  • Stomach Upset: Long-term stress may lead to irritable bowel syndrome, which is twice as common in women as in men. Short-term stress may lead to diarrhoea or vomiting. 

Finally, if you feel devastated by stress and its effects, visit your consultant ways to deal with it.

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