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Question to be asked to your Gynaecologist

Question to be asked to your Gynaecologist

Almost every woman faces different gynecological issues at least once in their lifetime, Some may not take these issues seriously and will not bring them to their gynecologist’s attention. It’s always advisable to consult your gynecologist even if you have any minor issues. 

Questions you Need to ask your Gynaecologist:

Why does it hurt while using tampons? 

It’s typical for many women to sense pain while using tampons and intrauterine devices, sometimes during menstruation and intercourse. The cause for these pains might be different and vary from minor to major complications. 

Can I clean my Vagina?

Cleaning the vagina is one of the most debatable women’s health topics. The affluence of over feminine hygiene products tempts most women to self-cleanse the vagina. It’s not advisable to use any kind of cleansers up into the vagina rather strip gently cleaning the vulva and labia frequently with fresh water and non-fragrant soaps. 

Why sometimes sex is Painful?

There are various reasons behind the pain during sex, Few of them may include infections, lubrication deficiency, Endometriosis, and also thinning of vaginal walls because of hormonal changes while menopause. If dryness in the vagina is a complication then lubricants may help.

Is performing sex during periods is safe?

There is no wonder if your partner is down to perform sex during your monthly flow. There is no that complicated medical reason to forgo. 

Is my discharge normal?

A clear and white-looking discharge is a regular and common mechanism that helps in flushing out the old cells. However changes in the colour, odour, and smell are the signs of infections lek bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, etc.,

Is that smell normal?

Every woman doesn’t smell similar, based on the food and medications they intake. The Spices, Pungent foods, and alcohol leaks into the vaginals secretions and will compose vivid smells. The vaginal odour is very common during periods.

Why I don’t feel like having sex? 

Balancing Personal life and Professional life, being postpartum may also affect sex drive. Hormonal imbalances like low estrogen and various other elements can also affect the number of Libido.

Is the usage of Douches Safe?

Usually, the vaginal discharge is the natural douche. Using other feminine hygiene products will increase the risks of vaginal infections like bacterial vaginosis(causes foul smell) douching can develop ovarian cancer.

If you have any further queries, consult with a professional gynaecologist Dr. Sarah Hussain, the leading female Gynaecologist in London. Request a call for treatment.