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PCOS Its Symptoms Causes and Treatment

PCOS – Its Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Polycystic ovaries syndrome(PCOS) is a gynaec problem that affects the women’s ovaries which are caused due to hormonal disorder. There isn’t any actual for this syndrome, but this problem is mainly observed in women with obesity. The effect of PCOS in women leads to prolonged or frequent menstrual periods or excess levels of male hormones known as androgen, polycystic ovaries, where the ovaries get enlarged and surrounded by many fluid sacs around it. This syndrome may arise in women since the teenage years and might continue until their reproductive age. 

Symptoms of PCOS

Most of the PCOS symptoms are not experienced, but let us understand its common symptoms.

  • Irregular periods which is caused due to lack of ovulation that prevents the uterine lining from discharging every month, and this might result in less than eight periods a month.
  • Heavy bleeding 
  • Growth of Excess hair in different parts of the body such as belly, chest and back. This Excess hair growth condition is known as hirsutism.
  • Acne caused due to excess levels of male hormones.
  • Overweight or obesity.
  • weakening of hair
  • Change in skin colour or appearance of dark patches under the breast, neck or the groin.

Causes of PCOS

The exact cause for this syndrome hasn’t been confirmed yet, but let us understand the normal causes of PCOS.

  • Studies reveal that PCOS might be in their family (genes).
  • Obesity can also be one of the cause as most of the women with this syndrome are observed to be obese.
  • Increase in levels of inflammation in the body.

Treatment for PCOS

There isn’t any proper cure for PCOS, but it can be controlled with proper diet, daily exercise and maintaining a proper physical and mental balance on health. In order to lower the levels of male hormones(androgen), it is advised to take birth control pills which help in regulating the periods. But in a few other cases, there is Laparoscopic ovarian drilling is done which destroys the tissues formed in the ovaries. If you find any of the symptoms mentioned above and seek to confer with a professional gynaecologist, you can consult with Dr. Sarah Hussain, the leading female gynaecologist in London. Request a call for treatment.