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Know Everything about Labiaplasty

Whether physical or mental, many women find themselves in great discomfort when it comes to their personal feminine physiology. It is a taboo subject, it is very common for the women who suffer must live with their problems for the rest of their lives. There is a resolution in cosmetic gynaecology to remove the issues which allow for a more comfortable.
The surgery will be performed only if medically shown unless by physical deformation or significant psychological morbidity. The Labia, if it is misshapen or asymmetrical, some women will find themselves self-conscious about its appearance during the intimacy. If itis oversized, it can affect sexual stimulation. But can have an unfavourable effect of personal health and hygiene as it can harbour bacteria which causes exacerbating infections. Even the oversized Labia also become irritated or inflamed during exercises such as walking or cycling.

There is a simple resolution to such problems by cosmetic gynaecologist surgery known as Labiaplasty which is becoming more popular as most of the woman is coming forward to take charge of their sexual health.
Now let’s move into the topic:

What is Labiaplasty?

It is a short surgery that involves the surgical sculpting of the Labia minor and Labia Major for an attractive and healthy result. This is surgery was done after the initial consultation and done between one and two hours.

Does Labiaplasty hurts? and What is Labiaplasty recover like?

The surgery was done under anaesthetic, so there will be no pain.

Once the anaesthesia wears off, there will be minor discomfort that can be put off with painkillers or by applying ice packs. There will be swelling and nothing to bothered about. Wearing loose and comfortable clothes is warn to reduce its effects. The pain and swelling will gradually reduce over time, but there will be little soreness for a few weeks. The patient needs to consult her private female consultant gynaecologist until it recovers.

It takes six weeks of time during this period the patient must avoid vigorous exercises, intercourse, the use of Tampon and hot bath. The Labiaplasty stitches should naturally dissolve. At this time the patient needs to visit here consultant private gynaecologist and make sure that the recovery is going smoothly and that you have healed effectively.

There are many reasons why an individual woman may opt for labiaplasty, but each reason may lead to an enhanced quality of life and also improved a sense of freedom.

If you are exploring the possibilities of undergoing labiaplasty book an appointment with our specialist and leading female consultant gynaecologist, Mrs Sarah Hussain today.