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Immunity Boosting Foods for Women over 40

Many women will be under the assumption that losing weight after their 40s is very difficult and impossible. Despite this, it’s just a myth and a proper healthy balanced diet and exercises will possibly reduce weight.

At the age of 40s, you need a lot of nutritious food as there will be a change in the metabolism of the body. Mostly starting at the 40s you will be losing almost a half-pound of muscle every year which makes losing weight more difficult and these changes are due to a decrease in hormones, contracted activity levels, and medications you are going through. So it’s ideal to intake protein and nutritious food in your diet. Avoiding consumption of alcohol, and fizzy drinks is renowned to alleviate menopause symptoms.

Below is the list of immunity-boosting foods:

Chia Seeds: These contain omega fatty acids, fiber, and magnesium which are good for healthy bones. Intaking chia seeds will assist with satiety and rein abrupt hunger pangs more easily. These seeds can be added to your morning oatmeal, to boost the nutritional value of your meal.

Citrus: Fruits that contain citrus such as oranges, grapes, lemons (includes antioxidants, vitamin C ) which aids in weight loss, and keeps skin glow and radiant.

Eggs: Eggs are rich in the contents of vitamin D and iron. These are a good source of proteins for menopausal women. They are also linked to decreasing cholesterol levels and obesity.

Nuts: Including these in your snack, will help in losing weight because they are rich in fiber and rich in proteins.

Yogurt: This is a good source of calcium and is high in proteins. Adding this to your regular diet will keep you energized and its properties support gut health.

Carrots: Carrot helps for smooth skin and increases vision sharpness. This vegetable has fiber and has active properties that help to fight dark spots and wrinkles and acne. It has Vitamin A.

Apples: There is well saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” apples assist in lowering the body’s consumption of excess dietary fats. Including apples, in your diet will help in keeping heart-related concerns at bay 

Food is the main source of building immunity, but it is also important to understand which type of food to be taken, especially for women over 40. If you have any queries regarding your gynae health consult with a professional gynaecologist, you can consult with Dr. Sarah Hussain, the leading female gynaecologist in London.. Request a call for treatment