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Different Types of Pregnancies

Different Types of Pregnancies

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Pregnancy is defined as the carrying of one or more embryo in the womb of a female. It is also known as gravidity or gestation, which is the time during one or more offspring develops inside a woman.

As Pregnancy might seems like a simple term, but there are different types of pregnancies.Most of them are a result of physical differences between women and some are related to multiple egg release.

Intrauterine Pregnancies

An intrauterine pregnancy is a pregnancy that happens inside of the womb. The fertilized egg implants itself on the interior wall of the uterus. The placenta is attached to the inside of the uterus, to the uterine muscle. This condition may be referred to as a normal pregnancy.

Throughout an intrauterine pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many changes. Each change in the mother and fetus combine to prepare them for the eventual birthing process.

Lupus Pregnancies

Lupus is an auto-immune disease. This lupus pregnancy is not an easy pregnancy for the mother as well as child and is not safe. Pregnancies for women with lupus can be complicated by blood clotting.

Lupus pregnancy mothers are at a greater risk of having a baby prematurely and they have to be extra cautious about their health and their baby development as it may cause stillbirth.

Ecoptic Pregnancies

An Ectopic pregnancy is an abnormal type of pregnancy also known as tubal pregnancy, occurs when an embryo latches to a uterus externally. Women who go through this stage experience severe abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. The chances of this pregnancy are 1 to 2% in millions of cases. If this medical condition is not diagnosed in the early stages i.e., Immediately after the confirmation of pregnancy, the woman can experience severe pain and that can lead to losing consciousness and going into shock. If she does not receive immediate medical care, the condition can lead to death also. Such deaths are known as maternal deaths as they occur in the first trimester of the pregnancy.

Molar Pregnancies

Molar pregnancy is an abnormal form of pregnancy in which a non-viable fertilized egg implants in the uterus and will fail to come to term. It is a gestational trophoblastic disease which grows into a mass in the uterus that has swollen chorionic villi.

Sometimes a pregnancy that seems to be twins is found to be one fetus and one molar pregnancy. But this is very rare.

High-Risk Pregnancies

Women over the age of 35, with diabetes and other health conditions that affect pregnancy or those pregnant with multiples may be considered as high-risk due to increased risk of pregnancy complications. These pregnancies require management by a specialist to help ensure the best outcome for the mother and baby.