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7 signs that need to consult your private gynaecologist

7 Signs that Need you to Consult your Private Gynaecologist

There are certain moments when you might feel discomfort during intercourse. With so many over the counter medicines that promise to cure nearly every vaginal infection out there, it’s tempting to skip making an appointment with your private gynaecologist. With many regular bodily changes, how can you tell when it’s just a routine variation or a sign that you should call your gynaecologist? There are sure signs to look for that could indicate a need to put a call into your doc.

Top 7 Signs that you Need to Consult your Private Gynaecologist

  • Having itching in vaginal

               Discharge changes or itching can be signs of an infection such as yeast infection namely Torres, while you can get treat yeast infections over the counter. If you have any worries, it would be better to have a look at your doctor.

  • Menstrual cycle changes

               Plenty of reasons may cause a change in your menstrual cycle, which are mostly related to hormones. If it is found that your periods are too frequent, it would be advisable to visit your private gynaecologist. Heavy bleeding with substantial blood clots at the size of a grape or apricot which could be an abnormal amount of blood flow.

  • Notice a lump in your breast

               If you find a lump or mass on your breast, stop examine at home. It’s better to visit your consultant gynaecologist who suggests you in a better way.

  • Burn when you pee

               Burning when you pee it could be a sign of urinary tract infection or an STI. Have an appointment with your doctor if you notice painful urination, especially if it leads to change in color or smell of discharge or pain with intercourse.  

  • Sharp pelvic pain

               If you experience pain in your pelvic region that comes suddenly and consists of sharp, striking pains that will worse with movement or straightening your legs, Bitner which is a sign of an acute process such as appendicitis, ruptured ovarian cyst, or a twisted ovary, it would be good to visit your private consultant gynaecologist immediately.

  • Lost Tampon

               It would happen far more often than you think when women realize that she put a tampon in a few days ago and forgot to take it out and she couldn’t find it which is known as a lost tampon. If you notice persistent vaginal discharge, itching, pelvic pain, rash, and fever all these are the symptoms of signal shock syndrome, a rare complication of having a staph bacterial infection caused by Lost Tampon. See your gynae health care provider immediately for treatment.

  • Be proactive

               If anything doesn’t right, we grant it to be scary and even no love to put their feet in stirrups. The longer you make things worse, the consequences can be that most badly. It is advisable to be proactive and make an appointment with your consultant gynaecologist as soon as you notice a problem.


If the diagnosis is severe and early intervention and treatment will give you the best chance at recovery and continuing a happy life. Love your body and do everything you can to take care of it!

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