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5 things you should never want to do on your period

Indeed, having periods isn’t the best feeling in the world. Even it comes with inconvenience, mood swings, and for some women, excruciating cramps that could last for the whole day. When you are on period, there are a lot of activities you definitely don’t feel like doing. There are also a number of things you should never do on your period, not just because they don’t feel great, but they could also harm your health or make you feel even worse. However, it is unfortunate to avoid a monthly cycle that we all have to go through. Here in this blog, we will list things that we shouldn’t do when we are on periods. 

Five things you should never do on your periods

Eat Salty foods: Even though you are carving for food that too salty and are overloaded with oil and sugar. These could make you bloating and feel worse cramps as salty foods tend to increase water retention. The fatty foods also increase the chemical production that causes your uterus to contract and also tend to ender bed cramps.

Wearing the wrong bra: Some women will undergo breast pain during their periods due to hormonal changes. If you feel breast tenderness and sore during your period, then make sure you wear the best-fitted bra that gives you excellent support. A sports bra is the best fitted and gives you the best comfort throughout the day. 

Not enough sleep: When you don’t have enough sleep, the body may release stress hormone cortisol that affects the gland which regulates your hormones. With this, your hormones get imbalanced, which ultimately leads to irregular periods that negatively affect your cycle.

Skip workout: It doesn’t mean to skip your regular workout classes, during periods it is suggested to skip the workout sessions as it could affect your hormones leading to irregular menstrual cycles.

Loading with coffee: Consuming too much coffee causes vasoconstriction, which decreases the blood supply to the muscles of the uterus. To reduce menstrual cramps getting worse, try cutting down on your usual intake during your period. 

Even there are many other things that you should not do when you are on the periods are: Don’t leave sanitary products in too long, don’t use cleansers with artificial fragrance, don’t use a douche, don’t smoke cigarettes, never plan any painful appointments, have unprotected sex, etc. 

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